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Added: Nov 28, 2017 02:55
Author: Patrick Gaston
License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial


A little project I made for a school fundraiser. The spinners are a bit too big for smaller kids to "pinch hold" while spinning, and the lack of significant weight (together with high-drag shapes) means spin times are unimpressive, but hopefully the cute look still makes them a fair mini-gift. Painting small color details with enamel modelling paint adds a finished touch.

Designed to print with 0.25mm layers. Other thicknesses won't fit together quite so well. Also, I recommend printing at 100% infill to maximize the weight. You may need to scale up or down 1% or so to fit your bearings, depending on your printer's tolerance.

If you print parts in white, green, and red plastic, I reckon there are 8100 possible combinations.

Uses standard 608 ball bearings.

Caps are remixed from the excellent ones in 2ROBOTGUY's Tri Fidget Spinner Toy, here:

BTW, anyone interested in producing these commercially, I'm open to licensing.


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