Added: Sep 08, 2017 12:53
Author: peter snyder
License: Creative Commons - Attribution


Edit 7/27/2017 : Added breather pieces. I also got those too.

Edit 7/26/17 : Add the two greeblies I forgot to upload. Sorry.

This is Captain Rex's Helmet Phase 2. This is kind of part of my Mandalorian helmet series. This is what happens when a Mandalorian helmet and a storm trooper have a baby.

The hole on the bottom to fit your head is way to small with these types of helmets. To fix this, part 7 and part 18 could be use as a piece that can be attached with magnets.

This helmet was sized for an adult male. Check the pdf file for dimensions. Units are in millimeter.

PS - This is my favorite clone trooper helmet.


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