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Added: Sep 03, 2017 08:51
Author: Jeff Kerr
License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike


You know the inner turmoil that results when you go to order business cards and you see that 1000 cards cost only $2 more than the 250 cards you really need, but you think "why on earth would I need so many cards?". Maybe this business card glider will help.

The glider includes a handy rubber-band launcher (for high speed acrobatics). Both pieces print together standing on end, but with little bridges between them so that they help support each other while printing. Just snip them apart after printing.

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Aside from the weighted nose, the fuselage prints up pretty much solid independent of the infill percentage. Therefore, you can trim the weight of the nose by varying the infill. I used 65% infill, but it'll depend a little bit on the weight of your cards.


You'll need 3 business cards (3.5" x 2.0") and 1 rubber band to make this glider. Take one of the cards and fold it down the middle for the V-tail. Folding is easier if you first scribe the fold-line with a small screwdriver tip. Slide the folded card into the tail section. A barb in the slot should hold the card in place, but if it wants to come loose, just put a piece of tape across the underside of the card, taping it to the tail section.

Slide the other two cards into the wing slots at the angle shown. Small nubs in the slots create a friction fit, but if your cards want to come loose, just tape the underside of each wing to the printed wing stub. You may need to trim the flight surfaces, bending the trailing edges up or down, to help level out the flight.

And as always, never aim the glider at people, pets or siblings.


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