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Added: Feb 24, 2018 00:28
Author: Hilary Williams
License: Creative Commons - Attribution


This is a work in progress, i.e, a personal research project, of a bird feeder for the UK. The goal is how to design a low cost bird feeder using 3D print. The less rectangles and more curves, the less the filament used, so saving cost and print time. I always credit contributors. UK has a lot of rain so the feeder is less exposed to weather. than other designs. The gutter is an experiment to catch rain water. The colour of PLA filament was chosen to be black as this is attractive to robins. The entrance hole is 38 mm, 1.5". There are drain holes and easy to clean under a tap.
This is a work in progress, I have hung in on my washing line for 3 days also my table in garden. The seeds might have been eaten, as supply diminished, but I don't have a webcam on at the moment to see if birds like. Anyone who builds, will be great to get feedback. The PLA cost is around £3.
Update: in this season of windy weather, the feeder keeps blowing over. I plan to add copper coins to weight down if safe. I have now added to my metal tree.
Update Feb 2018, my design subconsciously inspired by the beauty of English Garden Follies :-)

This design part of a series of my research on bird feeders, here are others (see image) files available. I need to get the feeders correct (i.e. bigger perches for small birds) before I put nesting boxes up for robins and blue tits.

Update 18 Feb 2018. Thank you for 140 downloads! All feedback appreciated. I have seen robins visiting for seeds, but my main problem is squirrels managing to get to the feeder and raiding the seeds! I need to remount on a wire free from them. I do feed squirrels but with ground food.

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Takes approx 2 hours 40 mins to print on Flash Forge Finder. Uses 17.4 metres of filament, weighs 52 grams. String is used to suspend the feeder to a support.
Here is a research paper of colour preferences for British bird feeders
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5315500/, chart shown in illustrations above.
Colour preferences of UK garden birds at supplementary seed feeders
Luke Rothery, Graham W. Scott, and Lesley J. Morrell*

How I Designed This

I used SketchUp Make 2017 to design the feeder.


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