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Added: Jan 17, 2018 10:25
Author: Rodrigo Menendez
License: Creative Commons - Attribution


This Lighthouse is based in the https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2687021 model (Thanks for Sharing!)
I cut the original model so it can be printed in different colors and used it as a Tinkercad exercise.

The total print time was around 18 hours, in my case by file:
Building Base: 10 hs.
Building Top: 2 hs.
Light: 0.5 hs.
Door: 0.5 hs.
Fence: 1 hs.
Roof: 2.25 hs.
Platform: 1 hs.

Color switch can be added to the Gcode file at the height you wish, in my model I used:
Building Base:
Building Top:

Note that this model color height does not honor original Light House. For reference please see:

Some parts have guides to enable a better reference positioning; some to be glued & some to fit by pressure.

Hollow structure allows for a lamp placement and hopefully a rotating mechanism with a mirror.

Next steps are to add windows and the metallic structure outside of the body. WIP so far.

I really enjoyed building this model.

Print Settings

Printer Brand:



i3 MK2S







I used suport only for the fence piece.


Before assembly it´s a good idea to mark the parts so they fit perfectly. Although the design is symmetrical there are subtle differences in the width of the walls:

The two building parts are meant to be glued together.
As for the platform it can be removed:

The light can be glued but in my case i rather use two small bolts as I plan to change it for a new one holding a lamp and a rotating mirror. In either case the platform is marked for a correct placement:

The platform also has some guides for the fence placement that should be glued.

Added an observation platform and a door stop.

More comments to come once I add more parts to the model.


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