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Added: Jan 14, 2018 21:33
Author: Pekka Piippo
License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike


Needed proper way to store my Bluray discs and wanted to try to design an stand for them. Behold, this. Holds minimum 6 discs, maximum don't know. I guess few hundreds or thousand, depending how well the plastic holds up :)

One goal I had in mind was that it should be extensible. Also preferably no screws and no glue needed. Both goals succeeded, although glue wouldn't hurt when building a larger stand.

The one I've built has now over 100 discs loaded, with room for 20+ more. And to go beyond that, I'll just print more parts. The thing is sturdy enough to tolerate lifting by myself, but it's evident that adding more discs will cause something to break quite soon. Still, I'm positively surprised how rigid it is.

What to print? First, select beams you want to print, 6 and 9 slot beams are available. Let me know if other options are needed.

For the bare minimum stand:

1x stand2_foot_left.stl
1x stand2_foot_right.stl
2x stand2_plate_left.stl
2x stand2_plate_right.stl
1x stand2_side_beamX_left_slots.stl
1x stand2_side_beamX_right_slots.stl
1x stand2_back_beam_X.stl
2x stand2_end_cap.stl
1x stand2_end_cap_back.stl

To extend the stand upwards, print more:


To extend the stand sideways, print:

stand2_foot_joined.stl (one per column)
stand2_plate_joined.stl (one per column per beam count + 1)
stand2_side_beamX_middle.stl (one per column per beam count)
stand2_back_beam_X.stl (one per column per beam count)
1x stand2_end_cap.stl
1x stand2_end_cap_back.stl

Print Settings

Printer Brand:



Prusa Mk2









I used 2 perimeters, 5% infill, 0.2mm. Printed with PLA. The part tolerances are tuned to my Prusa MK2.

To check how well the parts fit, first print the testparts.stl. If the parts are too tight or too loose, use slicers horizontal compensation feature if available. Don't use scaling, it might skew the overall dimensions too much.



Should be quite self evident, but here are some quick notes:

feet are at the bottom (doh) and they just clip together. Assemble them first
right after feet comes first plate 'layer'. Assemble to plates together to create whole layer and fit it on the feet, taking care to put it on right way. It should go only one way
you might need to use file/knife to ease the parts together depending of the print quality after the plate is relatively well in place, install the beams. Take care to install the beams in proper positions. Depending how tight the prints are, you might need to use some force. I used rubber hammer to force some of the parts together :). Nothing even broke, which was bit of a surprise...
go on until all plates and beams are in place. Finish the build by installing the end caps on top if parts missing, print them :)

How I Designed This

Used OpenSCAD. Source available here: https://github.com/spegelius/3DModels/tree/master/Bluray_stand
Whole thing should be configurable for DVD or other use by changing the dimensions.


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files/stand2_foot_joined.stl 2.18 MB
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