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Added: Oct 27, 2017 05:47
Author: Printednest
License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial


project site: http://printednest.com/

2015.10.15 - NEW UPDATE - bf_4_1_compact.STL - for those with big scale 3D printers.
We have never printed this in 1 piece, but you can try it :)

2015.02.05 - NEW UPDATE - 2015_02_05_ant_update.STL - smaller gap above raft circle. Should be more stable and should not stick out of buildplate.

IMPROVEMENTS from previous generation of Bird Feeder 3.0

We have decreased weight of bird feeder at 115g by perforation.
You can print now without raft and supports! No more waste!
Antlers connection have been improved and redesigned.
We had added safety system. You just need some wire.
We have made manual for instalation.
Use this bird feeder with 2 sided adhesive dual lock tape on your window. For binding on the window use this:
We have tested classic "foam" dual tape, and it did not work.
This dual lock tape eliminates movement of BF caused by exterior temperature changes (day/night, summer/winter). We have tested this for 6 months from summer until now (winter), and there was no falls.
(Magnetic binding is in progress, yes magnetic :)

But just for sure, we have added safety system (see in manual). It is simple wire, connected with BF and leads into interior. You can use small circle (raft of antlers) where is our logo :), and glue it in interior on the window.

WORLD MAP OF BIRD FEEDERS: http://printednest.com/community
You can register yourself. Just choose OPEN SOURCE option by registration process. You will gain access to our world wide map of bird feeders which are installed all over the world.
You will be marked as OPEN SOURCE branch of our project, and you can show to the others how COOL your design is by uploading of photo of your bird feeder.

Additionally use some old iphone with presence app by: http://www.peoplepowerco.com/products/ glued on window, and use it as photo trap:

SEE MORE PTOTOS: http://www.pinterest.com/printednest/printednest/

DONATE: http://store.printednest.com/products/donate
BUY: http://store.printednest.com/

We are proud, we can share this with you! Be printed!

Enjoy, Printednest

email: info@printednest.com
web: http://printednest.com/
map: http://www.printednest.com/community
twitter: https://twitter.com/printednest
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/printednest


Recommended print setup for makerbot 2:

layers resolution: 0.3 mm
shells: 2
infill: 100 %
nozzle: 0.4 mm
temperature: 210
supports: off
raft: off
print speed: 90 mm/s
travel speed: 150 mm/s


You can pause your print and change colors as you like.
2, 2015_02_05_ant_update.STL.
If birdfeeder_4_0_ant_thingiverse.STL makes you trouble to print, try 2015_02_05_ant_update.STL - smaller gap above raft circle. Should be more stable and should not stick out of buildplate.


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