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Added: Feb 17, 2018 13:17
Author: Proto Kinetic
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This is iteration two and three of my design and this is by far the comfiest. The first design was two separate pieces in PLA with locks on both sides. This proved to be very uncomfortable and would sometimes become back heavy resulting in a choking feeling. Wrapping the PLA in soft material was also of little help.

I realized that a one piece design would be the strongest and least likely to fracture under stress (resulting in sharp edges) so I removed the second lock and printed this in 95A TPU. This makes it wonderfully flexible (it will flex almost flat) and is much more comfortable around the neck, even without a cloth cover.

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If you have a PEI bed remember that TPU sticks too well and you risk damaging your bed without precautions. Blue tape, glue stick, and rubbing the PEI with talc then wiping it off are all things you can try to reduce the adhesion. I haven't tried any of these and I printed directly but would not recommend it for a part this large.


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