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Added: Oct 09, 2017 01:16
Author: Maak Mijn Idee
License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike


It took quite some time but I finally finished my AT-ST Scout Walker from Star Wars tonight!

It was quite hard to not make a million parts but to keep it printable. I hope I succeeded in doing so but I didn't have time to print my own one (yet :-)) Base model credits to Sketchup user Guinlann.

Thanks for the designers of the Dreadnought and Yoda. They gave me the inspiration to draw this one.

Hope you like it!

EDIT 23-3-2013: Sven Grundmann repaired the STL's! They appear to be printable now.


Start by downloading the files. There's a ZIP including all the STL's you'll need. There's also a Sketchup model available so you can make adjustment to the design if you like.

The AT-ST Walker consists of 19 parts (18 STLs available, Kneepad goes twice). Some of them are unique but many of them are mirrored versions.

1x Body part
2x Head back detail left (1x right, 1x left)
1x Head main part
1x Head mouth gun part
1x Head top part
2x Kneepad
1x Left ear gun
1x Left ear
2x Leg foot (1x right, 1x left)
2x Leg thigh (1x right, 1x left)
2x Leg hip (1x right, 1x left)
1x Neck piece
1x Right ear gun
1x Right ear

Print all the parts.

In some of the parts there are alignment holes. The diameter of these holes should be 3.2mm so you can insert a smal piece of filament to align and connect (by glueing) the parts together.

I've drawn this thing in a combination of PTC Creo (for the more complex bits) and mostly Sketchup. I had some problem getting all the parts manifold. Some help would be appreciated there. I repaired the parts as best as I could with Meshlab and Netfabb.
Since the STL's gave a lot of problems printing still no one was able to 3D print this object. Luckily Sven Grundmann from Germany came in and saved this object from the digital cemetry and brought it to life. He repaired the STL files and send them to me by mail to share them with you! All credits go to Sven!


Last but not least: Have fun printing and enjoy the AT-ST Scout Walker!

EDIT 9-7-2012: OBJ files addes to the list
EDIT 23-3-2013: Deleted my own files and added Sven Grundmann's files (with his permission)


File name File size
AT-ST_Scout_Walker/AT-ST_Scout_Walker_STLs.zip 7.38 MB
AT-ST_Scout_Walker/AT-ST_Scout_Walker_smaller.zip 7.26 MB
AT-ST_Scout_Walker/AT-ST_Scout_Walker.tiff 81.27 KB
AT-ST_Scout_Walker_display_large_preview_featured.jpg 50.54 KB
AT-ST_Walker_by_Sven_Grundmann_preview_featured.jpg 74.51 KB
at-st_walker_display_large_preview_featured.jpg 30.60 KB

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