Added: Nov 06, 2017 01:21
Author: See Han Kim
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Constuction Completed
Gorgon,lamia are combination of my favorite subjects : serpentine, snakes and woman. Designed in 3ds max student.

This girl was quite hard and difficult in assemble. in order to make her poseable and withstand her own weight i have to insert cheap cloth hanger wire inside snake tail bodypart and it was probably most hardst part in project.

She her self spend almost 60% of matrial 1Kg i kind of regret a bit...

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Cubicon Style


Doesn't Matter

0.15 ~ 0.2

5 ~ 8

Hair Base - Snake hair 10 or 15 (Fishing wire string assemble)
Head String cap (for tie knot wire and keep tension)
Head - Eyes
Simple cloth for torso is optional
Right and left Upper arm - Elbow - Lower arm - hand joint - hand 1 or 2 (replaceable) hand 2's grip hole size is 5mm diameter
Lower Torso
Fising wire loop end for body system
Thick wire start for Snake body tail system
Insert metal wire 1mm for upper body
Insert metal wire 3mm for Snake body tail
Body Tail Cutsomize able length
30Peice recommended but make many as you want
Body Tail 30
Body Tail 31-35
Body Tail 36-40
Body Tail 41-45
Body Tail 46-50
Body Tail 51-60
Body Tail 61-70
Body Tail 71-90
Body Tail string end cap A
thick tail string loop end
Body Tail End Tip 1
fising wire loop end
Body Tail End Tip
fising wire loop start


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