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Added: Sep 04, 2017 06:02
Author: Chris Wolsey
License: Creative Commons - Attribution


I created this Electronics enclosure for my Anet A8. I have setup Octoprint on a Raspberry PI to run the prints and an Relay system (that is triggered off the Raspberry Pi to switch on and off the Power and also the LED Strip. I also included an mount for a Pi Camera to web stream / time-lapse your prints.

I made the decision not to include an extra cooling fan on the case as I have never had a problem with over heating and there is so much passive cooling from the honeycomb design. Having said that It would not be a big challenge to add one in a future update.

You will need...

Anet A8 (with Anet v1 Mainboard)
Raspberry Pi 3
Pi Camera
Network connetion or WiFi Module for the Pi
Pi Power Supply (make sure is is an 2.5A power supply if you are using a Raspberry Pi 3)
30cm Raspberry Pi Camera Board Replacement Cable (http://amzn.to/2czOmva)
2 Channel 5v Relay (http://ebay.eu/2c6nWk9) (guide on how to make it work http://bit.ly/2czOdc4)
18x M3x5mm self thread screws (could prob use none self thread) (http://bit.ly/2cRLVFa)
5x M3x 12mm (http://bit.ly/2caytcm)
1x M3 nut (for Camera mount)

Print Settings

Printer Brand:

Anet A8






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