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Added: Feb 05, 2018 09:34
Author: Martin Dury
License: Creative Commons - Attribution


I came across some drawings for a motor that was designed to run on compressed air. When Machined, it didn't fit together or work. So I redrew the motor components in CAD and amended them to fit and then adapted some dimensions to maximise the performance.
I printed and constructed it for fun but then was convinced to try and run it up.
It ran a treat! (I have tried to upload the video of it running.
Download it, tweak it and have fun!

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Monoprice Select Mini



I split the vertical plate into two parts in order to fit it on my printer bed


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files/Vertical_Plate_Lower_MDv1.STL 2.60 MB
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files/Base_Plate_MDv1.STL 30.75 KB
files/Crank_Pin_MDv1.STL 18.34 KB
files/Crank_Bearing_MDv1.STL 82.02 KB
files/Cylinder_Pivot_Bearing_MDv1.STL 31.92 KB
files/Vertical_Plate_Upper_MDv1.STL 66.10 KB
files/Flywheel_MDv1.STL 69.13 KB
files/Cylinder_Back_Plate_MDv1.STL 1.46 MB

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