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My 200/1000 newton telescope from ABS which weights only 5,5kg
a regular 200x200mm printer is sufficient for the OTA and mount.

Construction designed for the HC-1 focuser which weights only 62grams and don't jamming in the cold which frequently occurs for the threaded helix focusers. (may be used another focuser but this requeres focuser-platform redesign)

the list and the number of printed items in a text file

Also this construction requires a bunch of bolts and nuts, M4 and M5, three good and hard springs (with diameter of M5 bolts), 8 aluminum tubes of diameter 12 mm
and length of ~870mm*, 6 bearings with diameter 16mm bore 5mm, spider with secondary mirror , main mirror, focuser. Assembly absdbs-8" =)


In the comments ask a question what kind of mirror will do. Only parabolic not spherical, on Ali Express often sell spherical mirror , it is necessary to clarify this point
I'm not very well versed in trading platforms but I think on eBay you can buy the right mirror =)
I just did - I bought a used tube Newtonian without a mount (OTA) and took out of it :)
I have a set of 203mm primary mirror with a focal length of 1000mm and the secondary mirror 52mm small axis. You can take the 200mm mirror with a large (or smaller) focal length, this will require to add a length of pipe and add another counterweight. The size of the required secondary mirror can count "calculator telescope Newton" or that it is easier to ask there where you will take a main mirror which is secondary to his suit.
Also on this site there are many variants of pointer holders, focuser and other details. I'll try to print them out and add in the description links to them =) why make a new version of what already is there.
My text can be write errors i'm using an automatic translator

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I liked the project focuser

or my:

ABSDBS number of printing parts:
name count
dob-ear-r300-part-1 2
dob-ear-r300-part-2 2
dob-ear-r300-part-3 2
dob-ear-spacer 4
focuser-plate 1
fold-cover-A 2
fold-cover-B 2
main-box-part-A 2
main-box-part-B 2
mirror-cell-core 1
mirror-cell-leg 3
mirror-cell-clip 3
mount-ring-top-A 2
mount-ring-top-B 2
NEW07b-mount-support-ring-part-1 1
NEW07b-mount-support-ring-part-2 1
NEW07b-mount-support-ring-part-3 1
NEW07b-mount-support-ring-part-4-fix 1
spacer-top-rings-A 2
spacer-top-rings-B 2
spider-clamp 4
top-ring-part 8
tube-clip 16
ear-slot-rev5 2
ear-slot-part2-rev5 2
fixation-conterweight 1
counterweight mount 1
mount-stand 3
fold-cover-fixation-part-1 2
fold-cover-fixation-part-2 2

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a regular 200x200mm printer is sufficient for the OTA and mount.


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