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Added: Nov 21, 2017 02:37
Author: 3Do it
License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike


Awesome masks that can be printed in flexible PLA!
We were giving them away at burning man this summer and now we want to share this right before Halloween!
It comes in two versions Male and Female.
The slim version it's thinner and it prints faster but has pretty much the same aesthetic result.


Just print also in low quality, you won't notice much the difference. Flexible PLA is preferable. Once printed add a small rubber band around the two holes on the side.
Also an awesome tip from Axis Lab:
For anyone that has difficulty printing Flexi, or doesn't have any in stock.
You can print in PLA and use the same process as these wrist braces thingiverse.com/thing:403001
This way you soak the flat PLA print in hot water, and form the mask to your face.


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3Do_it_Masks6f6f7095beec97e75337e36c5bfa5485-Mask_Male__Chamfered.stl 741.20 KB
3Do_it_Masksdde4a97d5178f23b21df39217dcd60c7-Mask_female_Chamfered_Slim.stl 1.95 MB
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