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Author: Marty Jaxx
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This project started after I got in contact with the creator of the Ossum Jeep and inquired about a fully printed version that did not rely on a donor RC vehicle. After learning that no plans to create such a version existed in the near future, a few ideas were exchanged, a new friendship was made and the urge to design what I had envisioned needed to be fulfilled.

This is a remixed version of the original Ossum Jeep and while it is dimensionally exact and shares a few components with the original, this is an entirely different beast that is designed from the ground up to be fully 3D printed, including the axles and entire drivetrain. It is a true 1:10 scale radio controlled 3D printed 4X4.

The Jeep uses parts that can be bought online or at the local hobby and hardware store. Links are provided on Instructables to various items on Amazon and AliExpress. This is designed to be an affordable 4X4 crawler that somebody can print and assemble from the ground up using basic hand tools and a little mechanical and electrical knowledge. It uses a Tamiya motor and gearbox that is cleverly hidden into a faux engine. The transmission is entirely printed with the exception of a carbon fiber shaft and some bearings. The axles are also designed to use common items like carbon fiber tubing and some 1/8" square shaft also known as key stock.

I really hope you guys enjoy the build. Let me know if you have any issues or if there are stl files missing.


Feel free to help me out on Patreon. These types of projects cost a lot to design, print and test. All funds go to R&D of future projects I have planned:

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The file name indicates if the part will need supports or not. All files are already pre-arranged for best printing results. The files are best printed using PETG @ 0.17mm layer height @ 2500mm/min speed. Infill was set at 100% to give the Jeep some weight and make it feel substantial. This also helps with proper articulation on the trails.


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