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Added: Oct 07, 2017 06:22
Author: Creative Tools
License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike


This is the perfect set of 3D models for a day at the beach or at the park with the kids.

3D-print the set as is, or scale the items to fit your 3D printer’s build plate.

Contains five easy-to-print 3D objects: a sifter, a shovel, a rake, a bucket and a mold for making sandcastle towers.


File name File size
3D-printable_sand_play_set_Bucket_By_CT3D.xyz_.stl 680.06 KB
3D-printable_sand_play_set_Bucket_Handle_By_CT3D.xyz_.stl 316.59 KB
3D-printable_sand_play_set_Rake_By_CT3D.xyz_.stl 745.00 KB
3D-printable_sand_play_set_Sand_Sifter_By_CT3D.xyz_.stl 1.32 MB
3D-printable_sand_play_set_Sandcastle_mold_By_CT3D.xyz_.stl 1.15 MB
3D-printable_sand_play_set_Small_Showel_By_CT3D.xyz_.stl 908.77 KB
3D-printable_sand_play_set_-_by_Creative-Tools.com_v1_preview_featured.jpg 390.93 KB
3D-printable_sand_play_set_-_by_Creative-Tools.com_v2_preview_featured.jpg 338.04 KB
3D-printable_sand_play_set_-_by_Creative-Tools.com_v3_preview_featured.jpg 366.81 KB
3D-printable_sand_play_set_-_by_Creative-Tools.com_v4_preview_featured.jpg 264.58 KB
3D-printable_sand_play_set_-_by_Creative-Tools.com_v5_preview_featured.jpg 436.20 KB

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